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    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2017 edited
    Hey all, this is where all my creations go to idle and die, then later get supported and possibly see the light of day again.
    I kid. I design trackwork solely solely in Newton2. Currently I'm working on a realistic launched lift RMC thats a little on the long side (4100ft) but holds good pacing and a fun unique layout. Hopefully I've figured out this imgur imbed linking. I also have a low quality WIP video if anyone wants to take a gander.

    Hopefully I got this imgur link setup correctly. It's been a while since I've been discussion board savy.
    The whole group of images here:

    On-Ride POV, WIP

    Feedback is greatly appreciated! Helps keep the juices flowing!
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2017 edited
    Kalessin: Aside from my RMC, there's an accelerator/wing-like coaster I was working on. I haven't started supports, because really I haven't decided between box supports or round style. All of the ride features long transitions. I wanted them to appear very graceful, but still intense, with large focus on speed; akin to millennium force. I wanted the first element to give the rider a sense of flight, without all the intensity of a fast top hat. Going through the large roll takes some time, and was designed to look beautiful on and off ride. I spent a lot of time trying to get the non-inverting loop very accurate. If you're also noticing an oddly shaped hill: the first major air hill is designed to act sort of like a fast, tall lift hill would if you were sitting in the last row of a coaster's train. I wanted to design it so the overall airtime forces carried from the beginning to the hill and to slowly increase by the end of it, resulting in a decreasing radius hill with a near vertical drop. One of the things I miss most on launched coasters is a steep, long drop, so by adding this, I figured its both an intense and fulfilling design solution. I spent a good amount of time designing the track for this ride to the point where I feel it is an accurate representation of the Intamin style, with my own flair sorted in.

    I still haven't configured car-count per train, as I figured with an LSM launch this powerful, it might not handle the extra weight. But, seeing as many people here have made or found scripts for a hydraulic launch, I think switching to that an increasing the car count to 6 would be realistc. I may play with actual train and track styles yet now that I see the huge amount of community efforts to mod the simulator. No name yet. I do have a WIP video for you all to watch. It isn't be best quality, but it does show how smoothly the ride operates, I left the speed and G's window open. I appreciate any and all criticisms with this design, as with the RMC design.

    *went a little crazy with tie spacing, will fix that naked area

    Click image below for on-ride video:
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2017 edited
    I've done just about all the supports. Just need to do the structures for the non-inverting loop and the large initial inversion. So I still have that to do, besides some basic scenery and setting up the environment to my liking. Props @ Codemaster for the LSM pack/trains! Here are some teasers:

    Update 2/6/17

    Finished all support structures, finalized terrain. Now all that's left is doing night-lights and paths+buildings. Test video coming soon. Enjoy some saucy screenies:

    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2017 edited
    More lights on supports, more interactive light moments. Added queue. More to come in coming days and week.

    Video Update:

    Edit: Also, Kalessin is the staple ride/beginning of a medium sized park. Working on a smallish (140ft) 6-wide DM to be placed in there as well.
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2017 edited
    So, landscaping and lighting are finished. The paths and what not aren't. I'm adding other rides into the environment so none of that is really finalized due to possible ride overlapping.

    I'd love any feedback on trackwork, layout etc for future builds. I uploaded a simple POV video for smooth FPS's, will have a file available in NLE in a short while.

    Uploaded to NLE, note: I set the time to noonish so you can see the track. Very fun to ride at night with all the lighting done, if you want to ride again, set the environment to 23:59
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2017 edited
    This is the second coaster from the exchange that i have gotten a "this is not a valid package" error from. The download was 20.8 MBs.
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2017 edited
    Humm.. is there an upload cap? I didn't do anything special when packing the files.

    Also, I tried downloading: the file sized up to just around 40mb compared to your 20ishmb. Unless you meant 20MB/s lol
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2017 edited
    Smol DM is on hold, had some lat issues, even on the 6th seat. I got excited and started a increasing launch, switch track intamin (based on Soaring With Dragon). I designed it tight/overlapping to make it clone-able. It isn't connected with switch track, yet, because I don't know how. I also wanted feedback on the layout before proceeding. Edit: Sorry for sh*tty FOV :(
    Click image below for POV video:

    Edit: I actually revised the finale a bit. I reshaped the stengel dive, and made a kind of hang-time half/horseshoe roll into a very full helix finale. I have a new POV with closed circuit and with the correct launch acceleration. It'd be pretty fun in first row, getting the hangtime while reaching full speed. I plan on making the back spike stall the train for a split second, like the old intamin impulses did (V2), but I'm already having a hard enough time trying to understand how to script this for it to automatically run. Anyhow, here are the updated videos and screenshots, click first image here for new POV, 2nd for target cam:

    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2017 edited
    Welp, nearly done support work. I have the rear spike actually doing the whole intamin impulse split-second hold. Colors I think are final.

    Work has also started on a new-gen, 4 across B&M. Already posted a POV in the "what'd you do, fool" thread, but I'll repost with screenies here.
    Low-Mount POV

    I appreciate any kind of feedback.
    Pics of my B&M launched lifthill, modern-designed coaster:

    Here's current mounted-style POV:
    Here's up to date screenies of my Wing coaster with a gentle rolling drop. Worked hard to make the track, layout and supports read as B&M.
    160ft tall
    4026ft long
    64mph top speed
    No Red lats, short moments of yellow lats (front, back row on certain elements)

    Here's my newest project: Mega Floorless B&M

    200ft tall
    5472ft long

    My mission was to add a few B&M hyper aspects to the floorless design. Ideally the restraints would be modified. I'd like the OTSRs to have only a clamshell styled restraint attached to them. Take a gander, tell me what you think:
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2017 edited

    Modern Intamin Giga, beyond 90 drop, lotta slow entry turns with fierce pullouts.
    Feedback appreciated!

    *Click Picture for POV!*
    ***Prefabs in place to determine heights***
    *note that I am nitpicking, because I would not have anything else to say otherwise*

    Shaping-wise, it is clear that you put a lot of time perfecting your trackwork. The earlier transitions are wonderful, and there are no unnecessary "wobbles" in the layout, which I appreciate very much. However, you put a very distinct separation between the pullouts of your hills and the turns after them (after the 0G camel hump and aggressive airbump), which reminds me of RCT shaping. For these, I would recommend combining the pullout and redirection, like Fury 325's ending bunny hills.

    Layout-wise, there are a nice mix of elements and variation in airtime. However, the high-g curve and overbanks all turn to the left, which makes them all feel repetitive. The ending also feels very forced, as that overbank seems almost too snappy and the sloped brake run is very steep (kind of like a hurry-up-and-wait scenario). I'm also not sold on the twin station system, especially with the double block section between them. I'm sure you have a good reason for it, but without context it seems superfluous.

    All in all, it is a great layout, and it would turn out great if you left it as it is. If you were to take a second look at it, though, maybe consider making the first overbank turn to the right and enclose the high-g flat turn. Not only would this add variation but it would also bring the second overbank closer to the lift, making the footprint more streamline. If this doesn't make sense, I could sketch something if you'd like. I'm going to awkwardly end my commentary here because I should stop procrastinating.
    All these points are valid, but I guess I have a few small rebuttals/explanations. In order:

    -First off, thanks! I spent a lot of time shaping and forming the layout. I wanted a bit of my own style or take on the shaping. I really just wanted a blend of old hyper/giga intamin design with new. I personally like the separated , more flat-ish roll transition. Granted it is an older style, but there's something that is almost too smooth/gentle about transitions that happen during the pull-outs/ins of hills. In the FVD process, to achieve these transitions, I use a time warped plateau transition that jumps from the applied 3.5ish g's to either 1g, or 0g then back up. I feel like this adds an enjoyable g-force sensation and is more aggressive as the result.

    -I do agree about the repetitive turns. I initially thought it was a fun idea, mainly because I love tough/tunnel vision G overbanks, and combined with the quick pullouts with air pops I figure they'd all be fun. Stepping away from it for a while, I do agree that they feel awfully repetitive, especially by the 3rd one.

    - :( I thought the final snap bank was snappy, but realistically so, like i305. It wasn't forced, but I'll review it vs. on ride POVs to compare roll rate. The angled brake run again was to be more like I305. I definitely wanted it to have an extremeness to it, with its very fast roll rate and -G pullout into the descending pre FBR. I don't mind redesigning that if I'm convinced it is too much since there isn't much of a time-loss to do that.

    -Station placement isn't proper, but it will keep an unload station, probably just placed closer. I wanted a block in between the two stations so that if, in a real-life scenario, there was a problem or something causing an delayed load time, the rider's waiting to exit the ride would not be delayed from reaching the unload station since the train that just unloaded could move forward and wait behind the main station for that to clear open. Right now there are two blocks, for no reason, in between the two stations. There'll be only one block upon finalization.

    -I understand what you're explaining with the proposed revised layout. I did have a vision in mind for this with minor terrain going on, there's already a little bit at play in the POV. I just really hate having to go in and redesign the entire thing, its a bit of a sad experience especially when I get amp'd up or just really content with a layout. I'll still consider revising it, but more likely I'll use your advice next go-around.

    Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! I sink a lot of time into the track design obviously, so I do enjoy discussing and dissecting the execution and thought process behind every moment of the ride.
    • CommentAuthorBigbad
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2017
    The roll into the brake run might be uncomfortable if you're planning to use Intamin's wing trains. Other than that, the roll transitions all seem about the same as what are on Skyrush.

    I do think that the combination of roll and valley after the second overbanked turn could be improved.
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2017
    Just a heads up, be aware that having a unload/load station for a coaster with no MCBR is actually very pointless. In the time it takes for the train to go around its course, you could be loading up the other one. Another station would just increase cost (in a real life scenario) and virtually serve no purpose to the capacity itself.
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2017 edited
    I had Millennium Force on the brain with load and unload stations. Out of personal preference, I like having the convenience of a separate station for unloading. Would an extra long station make more sense (Top Thrill Dragster style)?

    I think I might actually try and revise this layout since I'm sitting here at work with nearly nothing to do, and am getting most feedback to modify layout after 2nd overbank.
    Note that this isn't necessarily intended as a wing coaster, though I did like that idea.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Here's revised layout and shaping. Finale needs to be simplified, probably needs to be shortened since its at 7,050ft long now, but this is how it has turned out after modification, click for pov:
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2017 edited
    Fixed the finale. Decided on doing an extra expensive version and a realistic-length/priced version of this ride. Here's the full track work of the unrealistic-variant w/ prefabs as placeholders:

    I'll be configuring a shorter more realistic layout on a flatter, more typical environment as I work and complete this version.

    *also, let me know if bumps are bad*
    • CommentAuthorBigbad
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2017
    I like the full layout, and I'm not sure how necessary it is to put together a more realistic version. You're dealing with a giga; whatever park builds it is conceding that they have to spend a lot of money. What's the track length?

    There are a few places where I think the combination of pitch change and yaw/roll change (probably roll change with 0 lats enabled) could be improved to be more modern, like what Kryptos wrote a few days ago.

    0:57 is a matter of style.
    1:18 seems awkward to roll to flat and then pull up.
    1:28 could have a longer transition through more of the valley. As it is, it seems like you're in a rush to roll back to flat when the track has zero pitch angle.

    (Really, they're all a matter of style rather than comfort or safety.)
    On cost and length, I definitely share your thoughts there. I guess I'm just trying to "play designer." Preparing for my imaginary customer to say it costs too much/come up with a solution that is still fun but more concise and cost-saving.

    But it is very long. 7205.52ft long as it is in the POV w/o any storage track.
    Ideally I want a version that is 1,000ft less than this.

    0:57 was done that way for positioning the hill after the turn.

    1:18 finishes rolling to 0 degrees pitched upwards at 22.28 degrees. it's not as dramatic & is shorter roll transition, but it is part of the lift into the hill. I did want it to be a fast transition to still provide some forceful dynamic to the riders, without the train moving near its top speed. I was hoping it'd come across as aggressive/good pacing quality and not as a misaligned, snappy maneuver.

    1:28 - Yeah you're correct there. I was having difficulty shaping it with a longer roll transition and it meeting to the FBR/station. It does match the entry point of the panoramic wave turn, which is approximately flat pitch and close to vertical 0 roll. Also, referring back to what I explained in the previous time stamp sorta applies here. Even though the shaping here was a compromise, I like that it's a little aggressive, last whip maneuver before the ride finishes.

    Thanks for the detailed feedback! I'll consider changing those two moments; I'll at least attempt a FVD fix.
    • CommentAuthorBigbad
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2017
    I owe you a disclaimer. (I should mention this whenever I'm critical about roll transitions.)

    You know those lightning fast roll transitions on Maverick and Intimidator 305? I DON'T LIKE THEM!!! They make me feel like I'm getting my neck snapped, and that kind of ruins the joy of riding a roller coaster.

    So keep that in mind if you see me write about your roll transitions.
    So, I lied. Iron Hawk will be a 3-piece endeavor. 3 variations for different purposes. The full layout as presented is the most fantasy/perfect dream giga I imagined. A shorter length model, with most of the same track, but ending near 6200ft, is in the works. And a final, tight-knit, "extreme" inverting variant to fill in at flat parks/parks with limited space and looking for a relatively cheaper giga (5800ft long). I was restless last night, kept coming up with ideas for this layout, so I stayed awake for a few extra hours and developed it before I could forget. So here's the trackwork for Iron Hawk Extreme:

    It is very narrow, and that was the idea; enable it to squeeze it in at a number of parks with minimal land modification. I think I was able to combine some of Intamin's most modern ideas into a interesting, compact and fun package.

    (intended) Elements in order after drop: late exiting (0g) immelman, speed bump, bunny hill, immelman, half panoramic wave turn into a -0.5g dive, speed bump, half non-inverting loop, twist & dive, speed bump, bunny hill w/fbr trim.
    • CommentAuthorXazzaphonic
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2017 edited
    new-generation B&M floorless progress:

    list of elements:
    rolling 0g drop
    90degree overbank pullout w/ bank switch
    helix with beyond 90 entry
    rising turn to opposite roll diving 0g roll
    overbank entry/exit hammerhead turn
    hangtime/oversized corkscrew
    bunny hill

    prefabs are yet to be atomized and corrected

    track preview: