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    Yay I made another train, bla bla bla cool features n stuff. PICTURES:

    They work the same as the RMCS, but a little easier to set up. Setup info is located in the zip file.

    Download Here!

    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017
    Reminds me of your other trains, probably rushed and inaccurate.

    Jokes aside, they look REALLY nice, I'll definitely use them if I ever decide to make a 2nd gen B&M.
    ^ One thing you might wanna know is that those trains were probably made for RCT3 first. I have them for that game.
    ^I modeled these trains today.
    ^ You made these in one day? o.0
    0/10 flange inside loop connector. Nice trains though!
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017
    Desperately been waiting for these for years so now that they are hear I can scream a sigh of relief/excitement
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017
    I will use these for my chinese knockoff slc coaster.
    Great trains! Still waiting for Mack Big Dipper trains..... :/
    • CommentAuthorPear
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017

    ^iSatnav already made some. Here's a download.

    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017 edited
    ^ & ^^
    These ones are a bit better, they articulate and I think I mightve redone the seats and bogies. (They aren't that amazing, dont expect too much)
    You should force $.99 Venmo charges for your downloads.

    In the case you do this, I've already downloaded this pack.

    They look great btw