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    Hello, I'm not new here. But my old account will be dead now. It's all because of some problems I have with my self. A woman that is helping me said I should make a new account on here because it always hurt to see my old accounts name. It reminds me of a time I don't want to remember any more.

    Who am I?
    This might help you

    Rock pack still in progress. Today I want to finish model 6. Then also maybe start making its material.
    Er... Why on earth is this in Planet Coaster?

    Also welcome back!

    Edit: So I see it's been changed
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2017
    ^ Thanks for the notice, I moved the thread into Ticket Office. Planet Coaster is the default section new threads are put in.

    Welcome back Coaster Mind! I really enjoy your posts and participations in the community, like those rocks, so I do hope you feel comfortable as part of our community. =)
    ^^ Strange. I put it under Ticket Office.

    ^ Thank you! You made me feel proud of my self!