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    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2017 edited
    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently down to my last month on my thesis project where I am using NoLimits and I think the project will benefit from some VR visualization, but I currently dont have the money to invest in an expensive system. I had the idea of somehow using google cardboard, but as far as I understand it may not be able to track the movement well? I found online that there are apps where you can beam whats on your computer to your phone, but I guess you would need someone on the computer controlling the camera in order to have some sort of ability to "look around." Correct me if this isn't a good assumption.

    Has anyone tried this on their own? Looking for a friend here.
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2017 edited
    I tried using Trinity VR and a cardboard, but it's sh*tty to be honest. You can look around on your own as it's using the phone's gyroscope.
    Then again, I tried quite some times ago, and maybe our setups are dfferents or I was too dumb to set it up correctly.

    About carboards, they are cheap and easy to get, so if you're curious, go for it. But they're not immersive as they tend to have a lot of lights coming it as it does not fit the face very well, and the worse part be that you always have to maintain them in place with your hand. Unless you find a version with a strap or you build one yourself.