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    Iron Maiden is my 10th coaster so far in No Limits 2. By far, it is my most extensive project featuring heavy terrain and scenery editing and custom support editing. Originally, the name for the coaster was not related to the band, but as I was looking for a soundtrack for the ride, I felt that the band's music was appropriate.
    To begin, riders ascend a 204 foot tall hill, go down a small drop, and head into a small overbanked turn. From there, riders go through a Zero G Roll and into the coaster's first drop into a canyon, reaching a top speed of 71 mph. Then, the riders leave the canyon through a sweeping right hand turn into an airtime hill. Next, the coaster heads into another sweeping right hand turn, into a fog-filled tunnel, and out into a double down. After this, the coaster heads into another overbanked turn, goes past a lake, and heads into a Zero G Stall. Later, the ride goes through a twisty, turny section and finally heads up and down into a tunnel in the hillside. The coaster then exits the tunnel, heads into a Zero G Roll, through a tunnel, and pulls into the brake run. Throughout the terrain, I have placed lots of colorful lights to give the riders the feel of being at an Iron Maiden concert.
    Here is a YouTube link featuring the ride:
    Lift Hill

    Heading down an airtime hill

    Going through a turn

    Double Down


    Zero G Stall

    Overbanked Turn

    Going through a field

    Another tunnel

    Exiting tunnel

    Windy Section

    Going under the lift hill