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    Hi all, I'm making this update per what happened around an hour ago (i.e., the site's server was broken unbeknownst to the actual owner, Mathew, and from that looks of it still slightly is). Obviously, it's time for a better and more stable community site.

    NLC Coming Soon

    Okay, so the status so far is relatively the same actually. I'm focusing my efforts now into finishing the forums, moving on to moderation panel, then some other things (notifications and personal messages namely), then I've got to do some security stuff and it will be ready to launch (I'll do some beta testing as well, but probably not too much intensive testing). That is pretty much a birds eye view of what needs to be done.

    I don't necessarily want to discuss my personal life on a public forum, but they have been a few things that have set NLC back (around early 2016) and I've honestly taken a couple of needed weeks off from working on it, but I'll soon get back into the routine. Along with that having a full time job also lowers time I have to work on NLC, again though, I'll just be working development on it back into my schedule. The New Official Estimated Launch Date for NLC™ is now Fall of 2017. Each task that is completed makes NLC that much closer to what I'd like to consider "finished", so having a time table of Fall fits very well.

    To wrap up, I'd like to thank everyone for their patience on NLC. I realize it did start nearly 3 years ago (although technically the version I am working on now was started from scratch in 2015), but I don't think that's entirely unjustified, seeing the quality that it brings to the NL community, I think it will be well worth the wait.
    I'm definitely excited to share it with you all and I hope you all like it. The features and modern feel to it will surely make it the best coaster site in the community.
    Thanks for investing your time into something we can all use as a community!