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    • CommentAuthorTimPerdue
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2017 edited
    I've been at a snails pace on a suspended arrow coaster for 6 weeks...becasue a lot of the information I could search the forums for a few months ago is not available. Why is this? And why is no one talking about it? Is it just me?
    Perhaps there's an answer out there...couldn't look for it if I wanted to as every time I try to search the forums:
    Error 500 from chrome shows up. Saying The NL2....blah blah blah... is unable to handle this request.

    I've always been generically against the" we have a thread for this types" this is why. All of that basically inaccessible. What I mean is the entirety of The Ask thread (where ever it is) is now less than useless.

    Incredibly frustrated. Will make post regarding info needed when I calm down. D=< *Huff*

    Edit: Making this Post gave me Error 500...but it still posted!?
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2017 edited
    I also noticed that, you are right that finding information can become a big problem with this, for now I could find what I looked for using google (just add "no limits exchange" to the search request) but I expect that this won't work with every kind of search. I think if you don't find something it is no problem using dedicated threads or the ask thread. I think it's really time to have a stable running forum soon, I also think that a NoLimits (2) related Wiki with tutorials, lists of information and thinks is becoming more and more important. It would be interesting to know if that is also planned for NLC (I didn't followed the roadmap that intensive).
    It is disappointing that features like the search are still broken. I said this a bit before, but what's even more disappointing is that the owner (Matt) does not even care to fix these issues, yet is still working on new half-baked features for the exchange, which is also extremely broken. I'm really working as fast as I can, while still maintaining a good schedule for other things, on NLC.

    ^ NLC was going to have a wiki-esque feature built in, but that won't make it to the initial release. I can't imagine it would take a while to add after.
    • CommentAuthorTimPerdue
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2017
    I see. Well it's a day later. I'm not upset. Not nearly as frustrated. Thanks for the extra info and I firmly support this wiki feature. When ever that may happen.
    Being told to refer to a wiki is different...which does not frustrate me.

    So, this NLC. I am going to assume that (while it's really none of my business as an end user) this Matt guy won't be the one overseeing--sorry being depended on to fix said issues, should they arise?
    I also play Guild wars 2 and, it is the exact same situation. Well it's more like company that hosted/owned forums didn't fix broken aspects and then dispersed and voila GW2 permanent broken forums.

    You seem however, to have a solution. SO! I'll wait--I can wait.
    I've found a few threads that I need, I think! So, I guess I'll start posting questions here and there.

    I do appreciate both of your responses, BestDani and RWN, thank you.
    NLC will not be overseen by Matt. Matt is the owner of NLE, and he has basically abandoned it, but works on small features for the exchange that no one really care about. I don't know if he is denying it or what, but he is acting like there is nothing wrong with the website when I'd say 30% of it is straight up broken.

    NLC is being developed by me (it's not using any forum software or anything like that, it's being 100% tailor made for NL2 and the community's needs), and will be moderated by pretty much the same mods here, maybe a couple more, obviously not including Matt.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2017
    I do think Jamp Up Land 2017 should be the very first thing uploaded to the new site.