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    Welcome to the construction thread for Lake Macklin Theme Park, a rising theme park set alongside the fictional Lake Macklin in California.
    I have been working on this silently (and with great help and feedback from BossAct7) for a while and recently started teasing it, leading up to now.
    This park, when released, will take place in summer of 2017, alongside its (hopeful) release time. It will be updated as more stuff is added and will take place the years those additions would be added.
    Now, enough text for now, on to some pictures and a lineup.

    L0CH, a B&M Dive

    Chariot and Falcon (L0CH and Eagle's Flight in the background)

    Chariot in the foreground (in the background is Eagle's Flight, Windseeker, Midnite, and Corkscrew)

    Vector and Eagle's Flight

    an overview of the park (outdated slightly)

    Overall, there will be 13 coasters and 7 flat rides.
    10 of those coasters are thrill rides and are a part of the fictional "Speed vs. Force" campaign the park set up in 2016

    Team Force:
    Chariot - RMC Hybrid
    Vulcan - Gerstlauer Eurofighter (infinity trains)
    Flashback - Arrow Looper
    Whiplash - Gerstlauer Bobsled (wild mouse)
    Myst - B&M Flyer

    Team Speed:
    Vector - Streamline Mega
    Midnite - Intamin launch (Xcelerator clone by BossAct7)
    L0CH - B&M Dive
    Nitro - Vekoma Motorbike
    Shadows of Evil - Gravity Group Woodie

    Uncategorized family coasters:
    Pony Express - Streamline Mini-Woodie
    Stallion - In-house woodie (Layout by HaffizBazzi, tweaked by me)
    Falcon - Streamline Compact Invert

    more updates and story coming soon!
    (feedback is greatly appreciated)
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2017
    I will be glad to give you this coaster for your park.

    It is a inverted SLC coaster.
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2017
    I really like the "Speed vs. Force" campaign, that's neat!

    Now the park itself, well it's a lot of cool coasters for sure. Do you plan any other facilities such as shops, snacks, scenery..? Even if it's a thrill park, I think it would helps a lot. Same for the path details, needless to say they are rather intimidating at the moment, haha.

    But keep up the good work, I see many things that I like, such as the Vekoma suspended or the El Loco under construction...
    ^Yes I plan to have facilities, as they would narrow down the size of the paths, but it will come after the layout of the park is finalized, which isn't too far from done. There is also room for theming which will also be worked on the same time as facilities will. :)
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2017
    The only thing that's at the forefront of my mind for changing things is Gladiator's very sharp lift crest. You can create a near-perfect circle crest with three main nodes: a strict node at the end of the straight part of the lift, a normal node at a distance, and then pointing down towards the drop you have another strict node that lines up on the same line as the first. All you have to do after is play around with the weight of the top node, and you can have the wide crest you're looking for.

    Another thing is the images on this page, please change them to .jpg files, the loading time is absolutely insane lol

    Other than those two things, it's looking great!
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2017
    Here is my custom SLC coaster you can use for your park.
    I'd be interested to see a bit more of the motorbike coaster Nitro - I've been studying motorbike shaping a fair bit and I might actually have some useful critique for once!