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    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2017 edited

    Last year, I released the first version of the DonutDoomBuggies for Nolimits, today, it's updated to make it event more easier to setup and use.
    (and tons of optimisations)

    You can download the files as a Nl2package (which includes a simple example)
    This tutorial will be divided in two parts, the first one is to install the buggies and the second one is if you wish to modify the scripts or the model, which is optional.

    Once you have downloaded the zip file or the package, extract it and copy the DoomBuggies directory to your own park.
    (To make is easier, copy it to the root directory of your park)

    In the Nolimits2 editor, select your coaster and click on Coaster Properties.
    In the script tab click on Add.
    Click Class Path and select the DoomBuggies directory.
    Click Script Class and select the SRC/scripts/Master.nlvm directory.

    That's it, buggies are ready!

    To add buggies, go on the Scenery Tab, Choose... open the DoomBuggies directory and add the Buggy object.
    Place them wherever you want, they will be moved by the script.

    To rotate the buggies and open / close restraint, use objects provided in the DoomBuggies directory.
    Place them where you want the action to be triggered. Here are a definition for each object.

    (Objects will vanish when the simulation starts)

    That's it ! You can now have fun with DoomBuggies :)

    In case you missed the download link here it is again : Nl2package

    Some extra information :
    Camera are included in the script and buggies.
    The script calculates the spacing between each buggy and place them when the simulation starts.
    Buggies will use the last trigger they should have been through when the simulation starts.
    Default buggies have LOD and Clipping to improve performances, this can be disabled.

    Here is the ingame model provided in the package (the arrow vanishes)
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2017 edited

    Important information
    Your coaster must be closed !

    Exception: "Coaster not closed or infinite loop"
    Added on 03/06/2017 : if you downloaded the package before, download the new one and replace only Master.nlvm in DoomBuggies\SRC\scripts

    Your coaster must be closed, if that still happens, go to DoomBuggies\SRC\scripts\Master.nlvm and change the offset value to those values (test between each modification) :
    0.25 | 0.27 | 0.3 | 0.32 | 0.35 | 0.37
    If it still doesn't work, ask in comment with the package.

    This part is if you wish to modify the model, default behavior of scripts etc..
    This is optional

    Resizing the buggies
    Added after KingRCT3's question
    To change the scale of the buggies, inside nolimits, go to Scenery > NL2SCO Editor > Open... > DoomBuggies\buggy > Scale tab > Change values.
    The default scale is 0.65

    Click for higher resolution

    Changing the model of buggies
    To change the model of the buggies, place the new model in the DoomBuggies\SRC\3d directory.
    If you have LOD for your model, place all the files in the DoomBuggies\SRC\3d\LOD directory.
    As for any model, change the 3D Model path in the NL2SCO Editor.
    If you had LOD, also change model in the LOD tab in the NL2SCO Editor.

    Modifying the restraint position manually
    You may have noticed the restraint_modifier object. This one is to modify the restraint position with custom values.
    To use it, add the object and name it like this ANGLE:TIME
    Examples : [30:5] -> will take 5s to go to 30° | [0:4.1] -> Will take 4.1s to go to 0° | [-30,7:7,5] -> Will take 7.5s to go to -30,7° | [-50.5] will take 4s (default time) to go to -50.5°
    As you noticed, you can use both positive or negative values and for decimals you can both use "," and ".".

    Modifying default values
    For the default time of rotations for arrows, open DoomBuggies\SRC\scripts\Arrow.nlvm and change the value of DEFAULT_LENGTH.
    For the default time for opening / closing restraints, open DoomBuggies\SRC\scripts\Restraint.nlvm and change the value of DEFAULT_LENGTH
    For the default time for opening angle restraints, open DoomBuggies\SRC\scripts\DefaultOpen.nlvm and change the value of DEFAULT_OPEN
    For the default time for closing angle restraints, open DoomBuggies\SRC\scripts\DefaultClose.nlvm and change the value of DEFAULT_CLOSE

    Feel free to ask any questions !
    • CommentAuthorBullero
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2017
    Wow, great work Yedrimas! Can't wait to see all the community's creations with this ride!
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2017 edited
    This is really awesome, great work! And thanks for making them quite user-friendly (til NL would officially allow such add-ons)

    However I fear we might run into a scaling issue:

    That dark-ride was designed around the Gerstlauer bobsled car, haha (an entire wagon fits into a doombuggy). I think you could shrink them down at about half the current size (we can't resize them within the editor).

    Once again, thanks for your amazing work!
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2017 edited
    Indeed, they're quite big, I reduced their default size, the link has been updated with the new package (it's the same but just in case, Nl2package).

    You can manually resize them inside the editor following this :

    NL2SCO Editor > Open... > DoomBuggies\buggy > Scale tab > Change values.

    Don't forget to reload the object inside Nolimits.
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2017
    Thanks a lot!
    I'm really not used to fiddle with 3D objects, in fact I only tried with the default panel... So yup, thanks. ;)
    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2017
    Hey that's nice work, looks very easy to use and rather flexible. Just tested your demo work for now but I recommended it already to someone already for his upcoming project. ;-)