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    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2017 edited

    Hi, some of you may have noticed that last week I released a version of the drifting cars.
    I'm only making a post now because they had few bugs that I had to fix, which mean they should now all be fixed ! :)

    The package is available here : Steam | Dropbox
    If you downloaded the package before the 12/06/2017 you should redownload this one to make sure all bugs (at least most of them) are fixed.

    Let's now install them in your own park.
    Once you have downloaded the package, extract it and copy the Reverchon directory to your own park.
    (To make is easier, copy it to the root directory of your park)

    We'll need a copy of your current coaster to make the skin of it.
    In the Nolimits2 editor select the Coaster tab and click Import Coaster.
    Go to your own park and select it, then select the coaster that will have these cars.

    Once this is done, select your duplicated coaster, in the Coaster tab, go to Coaster Properties, Trains and remove them all (Number of train -> 0)
    (I'll also rename it so it's not confusing)

    You can freeze this one.

    Now let's get back to the original coaster, select Coaster Properties.
    In the script tab click on Add.
    Click Class Path and select the Reverchon directory.
    Click Script Class and select the ReverchonMaster.nlvm directory.

    Set the style to Zamperla Twister Coaster
    (It's important for the script and it's invisible)
    Avoid using the Center of Rails, use the Heartline or a custom one

    That's it, reverchon cars are ready !

    To add reverchon cars, go on the Scenery Tab, Choose... open the Reverchon directory and add the Car object.
    Place them wherever you want, they will be moved by the script.

    Same for bogies.

    To start/stop swinging, add triggers and name them start0, start1, start2 / stop0, stop1, stop2 ...

    You can change the color of the lights and the car for each object, double click on the scene object in the editor.

    Feel free to ask any questions !

    If you find any bug / weird behavior, give as much information as possible.