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    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2017
    I can see the winner in the topic title, but no results here and a non working youtube link. Something gone wrong? :P
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2017
    We are working on all of that. You can find the video for playback now on our YouTube channel. We are still cleaning up the data for easy reading. Will post it when ready.

    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2017
    I've just watched the replay of the results - that was very cool. props to all participants, and thanks to the judges and team for this video.

    I wasn't at home during the real contest, but I downloaded the template and made a little something:

    Hangtime stall looming over the first drop:

    I had no plans to enter the contest anyway, I won't bother with supports and things - but would have loved to follow the streams, especially to see Code's 4D attempt!!!!!
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2017
    ^My favorite moments are the Big Dumpy Dump Dump storyline, Code's NL2 crashing, and negative friction.
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2017
    Whoa, I love that reverse spike!
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited

    At long last, here's the official scoring results! First the winners:

    Rank Screen Name Wooden Coaster Shuttle Coaster Tom Bill Justin Total
    1 docoaster Wilderness Backflash 70 65 72 207
    2 TheCodeMaster Wicked Twister 68 63 70 201
    3 MrCrolly Degenerade Reverb 65 57 59 181
    4 Cross Xemnas Eagle Pyromaniac 56 53 64 173
    5 CoasterMac305 Corndog Express Flight of the Giant Peach 53 58 61 172

    Please note: Timo Kho was announced as receiving 6th place on the live results webcast, however after being brought to our attention, we had to disqualify the entry for going over the red boundaries.

    Judges Comments:

    | 1 | docoaster | Wilderness | Backflash |

    Tom: Outstanding! The wooden coaster is a perfect Intamin prefab wood style, monster sized, wonderfully paced, full of ejector airtime, and very realistic. Wheels poke through the cars as banking happens too fast for 3 bench PTC, but this isn't the style you were going for. The shuttle coaster features multiple unique ideas. The outward banked hill and semi inverted spike were brilliant. Odd pumps on the shuttle that should have been smoothed out more detracted a little. Yellow bars used as headchoppers. Great work!

    Bill: "So, wow, this is really good. Let's start with the shuttle. Technically excellent. Smooth and well shaped throughout. Loved the outward bank on the first hill, and the shaping coming out of it had that ""looks wrong but rides right"" feel to it that you often find in the real world. Zero G roll and following turn were fine - I liked the curve along the water to let you take in the high speed and get a little environment interaction with the lake. And the return spike? Come on. Awesome support structure, great concept. Great use of kicker LIMs to make sure the return trip is still fun (and it was). Just an impressively polished ride to have put together in this amount of time.

    Does that mean the woodie here is the ""throw in?"" Nope! I liked that you went for an Intamin style. I don't think it always felt Intamin-y from a shaping perspective (notably, the the low hill between the second hill and the rising turnaround, but it always felt purposeful and like the designers was in control of the track - there's even an S-section (which I came to loathe while judging this contest) that manages to vary just enough from turn to turn that it feels intentional, rather than feeling rushed. I might have liked to see a bit more variation in terms of pacing - it's pretty in-your-face throughout, probably just over the line of what's realistic IMO (though, Skyrush exists, so, maybe not). Would also have liked it if some of the air moments had been more sustained, but otherwise, pretty good. Ride interaction is somewhat limited to the shuttle towering over the woodie, but that's actually sort of impressive, given how big the woodie is. Great rides."

    Justin: Wow, I love this entry. The woodie is huge and uses as much of the red zone as possible, which is awesome. G-forces in the front car approach -1.8 which is starting to get dangerous. Otherwise I was amazed with this prefab and that the back car never exceeded -1.5 despite all the speed. The shuttle has a funny entry into the yellow limbo zone but the design around the lake and tower are exceptional. I can tell there was a very clear vision from the start concerning aesthetics and layout planning.

    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited

    | 2 | TheCodeMaster | Wicked | Twister |

    Tom: Wood coaster a fast, zippy, fun, short GCI style ride. Lots of attention to detail on custom supports. No transfer track, and ride is a bit on the short side. Shuttle is brilliant, butter smooth, and features plenty of unique ideas. Disappointing that both rides only used the red zone for stations and the start/end of the rides. Most action is in the open space. Lots of interaction in the canyon. Great work.

    Bill: "One of the best woodies in the contest. I'm a sucker for realism, and to make a ride GCI-ish that actually feels GCI-ish in 5 hours is great. About the only part of the ride that didn't hit that mark for me was the little S-bend section on the return under the yellow template, but otherwise, it's there down to the leaning brake run. Nice work. The support details on the crossovers and low banked turns were a nice touch too. Oh right, and the ride was fun. Lots of sudden floater and abrupt changes of direction, but mostly felt purposeful and more importantly fun. If I had a critique, it's that the ride feels really frantic at the start, and kind of peters out a bit at the end. I would have liked to see some more rapid fire changes in direction and pacing saved for the end of the ride, to keep it feeling unpredictable despite having less speed to work with. Still, a great ride.

    The shuttle is so weird that it just... works? That Cannibal-esque roll is well executed, both in construction and how it squeezes into the gap and interacts with the woodie. I like it better on the way out than on the way back - even with the boost on the far spike, it drags just a bit on the return leg. Very well constructed though, and I again appreciate the attention to detail with the supports. Ride interaction was above average too - using the rolling shuttle track as a headchopper in multiple places, spanning the woodie with the shuttle support before the corkscrew - both good touches."

    Justin: The shuttle was also the highlight of this entry. The "not very lagoon roll" was extremely well-executed and didn't exceed -0.7G despite its bizarre shape. The interaction through this element is also fantastic. The spike at the end was very hastily made and created a strong 5G+ surge in the front car, and it was oddly shaped/too fast. The GCI was one of the most realistic in this contest and had some nice touches on the supports. The layout was good but a bit windy and random near the end that didn't match the quality of Mystic Timbers. Pace was maintained well on both rides.

    | 3 | MrCrolly | Degenerade | Reverb |

    Tom: Great work! The wood coaster is a nice CCI/TGG type effort with good pacing and a wonderful variety of elements. Support structure is pretty good though under supported in a few sharper turn areas and some crossovers. Unlocking the spin for the reverse trip of the shuttle was a brilliant idea. Track within a track didn't look quite right and I'd have preferred to see more supports rather than fake 3 pipe track. The stop was abrupt, should have been caught and lowered by the first spike for a smoother trip back. Wood coaster pretty active in the canyon pass.

    Bill: "I really like this shuttle. Unlocking the spinning function just as it reverses direction on the far spike was a stroke of genius. Genuinely one of if not the singular best moment of any ride in the contest in my opinion. Also, made for a great way to make a shuttle not just feel like the same ride forward and then backwards. If I had a minor note - I would have liked to see it travel through the station unbraked on the return trip, get caught by the chain on the backwards spike, and then get lowered into the station. Not sure if that's possible without scripting, but, would have been that little extra bit of polish.

    The woodie on the other hand, let you down a little bit. I could tell that some elements were kind of made with real world woodie elements in mind, but more often than not the ride experience didn't match. Without critiquing every little hill: it just felt a little rushed in a lot of places. But, hey, it's a time-limited contest, so that's to be expected .Still a solid entry."

    Justin: The shuttle was the highlight of this entry. At first I thought he forgot to trigger the spin, but then I was surprised to see it on the reverse spike! That's a great way to make the return trip more fun without relying on a vertical boost (granted, it still has one). The layout of the woodie is nice but occasionally drawn out, and generally not as exciting. Chapel supports were an odd choice leaving some wide supports looking flimsy. Ride interaction was good.

    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited

    | 4 | Cross Xemnas | Eagle | Pyromaniac |

    Tom: Wood coaster starts as a solid GCI with good twisting drops and rapid direction changes. Good support work, especialy for most of the crossovers using steel I beams. Also nice job cutting a hole for the shuttle to pass through. Pacing suffers and the ride becomes all about S bends back and forth, becoming repetative. Shuttle features a wonderfully unique twisting reverse spike in front and a very smooth and realistic layout. There is some strange jerking happening during the deceleration down the final spike and into the station, leading the train to overshoot and have to back up a bit. Not much interaction going through the canyon pass.

    Bill: "Shuttle is the standout ride here. On that subject - build quality is great. Trackwork is good throughout, the final spiraling spike is both novel and awesome to look at. I particularly like that it unbanks and gives you a little lateral nudge. It also manages to be one of few entries without a boost before the return trip that doesn't totally drag on the way back... at the slight expense of making that first overbank a touch whippy on the way out. Return to the station could be a little refined, but that's a final polish step that I can overlook given the time constraints. Also, kudos for weaving the two tracks together. The interaction added a lot to the shuttle in particular, and building the I-beam crossovers on the bridge gave the woodie a bit of added realism... off ride, at least. Speaking of:

    The woodie starts off great, but like so many other rides in the contest, feels like it starts to run out of ideas before it runs out of speed. In particular, there are more than a few repetitive s-bend sections that don't really add much, and aren't particularly well built. Before that though - the first drop and first turn are intense and great, and the ride keeps its sense of speed and pacing until that first 2.5 S-bend section. Also, while the ride is smooth and mostly well shaped, it ends up not feeling particularly like a woodie - just a bit too fluid and swoop-y. That said, I did particularly like the little unbank, pause, re-bank and dive left that gets the ride back through the gap. Of every moment on the entire ride, that just felt particularly well executed."

    Justin: The layouts of both rides are very cool. I love how the woodie does this Balder-esque cycle while the shuttle just skips and flips its way through the center. The woodie has quite bland shaping overall and is a bit numb on the forces, but still has a few good touches.

    | 5 | CoasterMac305 | Corndog Express | Flight of the Giant Peach |

    Tom: Wood coaster was very nice, great steep twisting drop that remained realistic. Felt like GCI, great pacing, nice touch with the angled magnetic brakes. No storage track and a few spots that needed beefier wide supports. Shuttle coaster is a fairly simple, serviceable Premier launcher. Fairly smooth, swoops through turns, one loop, simple reverse spike. Realisticly made, though didn't stand out from the crowd and wasn't terribly exciting. Pass through the canyon was largely parallel without doing anything complicated, could have done a bit more to interact with the track going through there.

    Bill: "The woodie here is the standout ride. Given the time, the scale of the ride is impressive, and one of the larger woodies in the whole contest pool. Even more impressive is that it's large and well-executed. It's clear that this is supposed to be a GCI, and it delivers modern, high-intensity GCI-esque pacing and shaping throughout. Keeps its speed up until the end, never gets repetitive, and is uses quite a bit of the template. In 5 hours, this is impressive as heck.

    The shuttle feels like the throw-in ride here. The build quality is perfectly fine - trackwork is smooth, shaping is mostly really good. But, element selection could have been a bit more novel. IMO it also really needed a little boost on or before the return spike (you'll note: like every Premier shuttle ever built) to make the return trip not drag slowly. No real interaction between the two rides to speak of."

    Justin: The GCI is quite polished and has an interesting, intricate layout. I liked how the layout made use of both zones of the template. The shuttle is simple but and slow on the return, but does the job. There isn't really any interaction between the two but this is probably the one of most well-executed entries in terms of realism.

    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited
    Screen Name Wooden Coaster Shuttle Coaster Summary DQ Reason Comments
    Animorphbt Diving Timbers Snake Bite Disqualified Station over red border, 3 lifts on wooden coaster Wooden coaster has interesting dive hang drop (though against rules). Meanders a bit, has fun elements, probably didn't need the second lift. Good work including storage tracks. Shuttle needed extra work smoothing, crawls through inversions, clearance issues passing through other structures.
    Barc Charger Mushroom Cloud Success Clear Good shuttle, threading nicely around the wooden coaster and trees. Woodie on the short side, CCI style, nice pops of airtime, unineresting passes through the pass, 3 trains stack on the short layout, no storage track.
    Ben Bryan Assassin Backlash Support collision Clear Nice to see a B&M floorless shuttle, a unique idea. Family shuttle without any inversions or any extreme elements. Wooden coaster nice and long, gets very wild near the end. Support collision killed a bunch of riders. A bit more wildness needed for the shuttle and a smoother layout needed for the wooden coaster. Nice transfer track.
    Coaster Cast Open Bob Send Vagene Shuttle did not complete layout Clear Unique motorbike shuttle coaster, fun, though inconsistent pacing. Shuttle gets stopped on a brake run coming back and does not finish the layout. Wooden coaster very lumpy, wild shaping, sharp direction changes. Nice reddish wood color chosen for the wood coaster and good job including storage track.
    CoasterMac305 Corndog Express Flight of the Giant Peach Finalist Clear Very good GCI woodie. Premier single loop shuttle, crawls a bit on the way back. No storage on woodie.
    CoasterTopia Sunlight Moonlight Disqualified Invisible transport track on wooden coaster, won't complete layout without it. Simple straightforward coasters. Shuttle gentle and swoopy with a single inversion. Wood coaster has multiple gentle turns, not a lot of forces. No transfer track. Needs more speed, airtime, and depumping.
    Cross Xemnas Eagle Pyromaniac Finalist Clear Cool twisting front reverse spike on shuttle, pretty good GCI twister
    CubicRedstone swift cobra Disqualified Shuttle reverse spike footer over red border. Almost a family shuttle coaster, gentle turns and reverse spike. Wooden coaster needs smoothing, has a non-straight lift hill, and over time a train valleys in the turn to the station.
    Dan Cotton Wildfire Bolt No wooden supports Clear Pretty good Premier shuttle, crawls on return trip. Nice work threading supports through the trees. No supports on the wooden coaster.
    Delay Streak Speed Success Clear Simple SLC boomerang shuttle. On the simple side wooden coaster. Decent overall with no glaring problems, some rough shaping.
    docoaster Wilderness Backflash Finalist Clear Oustanding shuttle and wooden coaster. Could be a winner.
    Donidia FL0PPY 2: THE REVENGE OF THE WOOD FLOPPY: THE LAUNCH WITHIN Floppy Clear Multple support hits, everything expected from Floppy. Wooden coaster is the wooden floppy.
    Dutch Coasters The Knight Fast Forward Disqualified Wooden coaster track/supports over red border. Spinning coaster rocking freely on reverse lift spike was perfect. While swinging back and forth released back, giving a ton of spin for return trip. Wooden coaster pretty extreme. Both decent. Spinner under supported, woodie over supported.
    Felix Cliff-Diver Mount-Inversion Disqualified Wooden coaster station/stairs over walkway scenery. Very smooth and realistic shuttle coaster. Wooden coaster pretty good, strange stop on the block brake before a bit more action. Some good wooden crossover supports. Support structure hits in two spots with no hole cut for the train.
    Gr8y Yeti Golem Disqualified Download link failed
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited
    Screen Name Wooden Coaster Shuttle Coaster Summary DQ Reason Comments
    HLcoasters Reaper shadow Disqualified Wood coaster overlaps red template border when viewed from top view. Shuttle coaster hits multiple supports, baaarely makes it through the layoutWood coaster is decent GCI-ish ride, feels like it was the focus and the shuttle an afterthought.Oh, wait, DQ, nevermind
    Inkyz Warrior Gladiator Success Clear Woodie is fun & impressively long, if not particularly adhering to a recognizeable manufacturer's style. Sort of GG, sort of RMC, who knows. Decent though. Love the shuttle punching through the lift hill.Shuttle is great for the forward leg (kudos on aligning it with the sun for cool god ray effects), kinda just weird on the return trip - a bit slow, and the rear spike/station reentry feels like it could have been done a bit better. Possible short list though, given what I've seen so far.
    iSatnav Terrible Ride #1 Terrible Ride #2 Success Clear Shuttle coaster is quite good. Rear launch was a neat touch, build quality was good, final spike is good. Better job than most at making sure forward AND reverse runs are actually fun & realistic.No obvious problems with the woodie. Doesn't feel a lot like a particular style, but Gs are reasonable, pacing is good, construction is generally good.Ride name suggestion:Woodie - "I obviously built this second: the ride"
    Lcucu3 Surge Wave Disqualified Download link failed
    Learwin Ieiunium ligno The Lifter Success Clear Woodie is ok. Nothing really wrong with it, has a vaguely Summers/Dinn vibe, but without paying attention to things like sticking to the appropriate geometry and/or generally having much control over track shaping tbh.The shuttle is kinda rough. Launch is fine, track control is just pretty iffy. Return trip is pretty painfully slow.
    MilBee Unnamed Wood Coaster 1 Unnamed Rocket Coaster 1 Success Clear Shuttle coaster is pretty excellent on the out trip. Would have preferred a LIM launch going up the spike rather than a slow chain, but, it works. Return trip is good until the end - goes pretty slowly over the first (last?) hill... and then gives the rear of the train a nice sustained 2G lateral punch to the neck on re-enterng the station. Shame - build quality of the track was quite high.Woodie is a unique style - low to the ground, lots of sustained floater air, no real lats to speak of. Would be fun. Possible short list.
    Mr. E Explorer Peak Disqualified Wide wooden support and footer clips after MCBR clips through red template beam. Shuttle coaster clips a wood coaster support, launch through the station seems to not actually launch while in the station (minor gripe). Not sure I agree with traveling through the whole circuit twice, at different speeds. Other than the support hit nothing "wrong" I guess, just not doing a lot for me.Woodie crashes through itself towards the end (minor support hit). Layout and Gs are fine, not a ton of control of the track, doesn't really feel like a woodie.
    MrCrolly Degenerade Reverb Finalist Clear "The woodie is terrible" lol, ok. Best woodie in my judging group so far. Not quite woodie feeling, I guess, but a much better attempt than most. Keeps the fun up till the end, feels vaguely GGish.Short list this thing. The shuttle is my jam. The spinning control and lock/unlock points are a stroke of genius. Very very well played.
    Nickolas The Gamer Meaner Streaker Success Clear Woodie is fast paced and doesn't get too drawn out - good. But, banking is pretty all over the place, and transitions aren't great. Not confident that some of the supports don't kill you, either. Bonus points for the light package, but maybe could have used that time to polish the coaster a bit more.Shuttle kills you with a wooden support on the very first turn. Pretty smooth though, just a bit long. Definitely on the ambitious end of the spectrum for this contest.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited
    Screen Name Wooden Coaster Shuttle Coaster Summary DQ Reason Comments
    Nolimitscoasterworld Renegade Monster Disqualified Download link failed, transports on wooden coaster. Shuttle a gentle family ride. Wooden coaster has lots of monster drops, built pretty well with good parallel track. Would not qualify due to transports in station and brakes. Odd support beams across wooden track path near end.
    Omega Wilderun Artemis Disqualified Rear spike of the shuttle crosses red template boundary. Woodie is pretty solid. Transitions are often a smidge drawn out, and doesn't really 'feel' wooden, but it's one of the better efforts.Shuttle is sort of a super-sized take on a classic Schwarzkopf shuttle. I wish it didn't brake you on the return run as you went through the station, but pretty technically solid (and very nice looking).Overall a pretty solid entry. My primary knock is that it feels like it was played very safe.Ah, shit, DQ'd.
    Owen Norman Vengeance Retribution Success Clear Woodie has some neat elements - really liked the straight before the first drop in particular.Shuttle was... interesting. Not sure I 'get' the first little wimpy launch forward.
    Owens Coasters Wooden Cyclone Impulse Disqualified Supports for the woodie's last turn cross the red template boundary. Woodie supports also hit the water. Shuttle rock'n'roll start was pretty neat, as were some of the mid-ride supports. Better job than most at making sure both the out and back runs were fun. Pretty smooth. A smidge dull - would've liked to see an inversion or a signature element of some kind.Woodie was quite smooth, but often at the expense of being very, very drawn out. Also, basically "s-bend: the ride." Spends like 80% of the layout rocking back and forth, left and right.
    RagingCoaster bit a wood double back Disqualified Wood coaster station crosses red boundary line. Woodie is pretty good. Banking is a smidge wobbly, but the layout manages to pull off a reasonably convincing classic but aggressive woodie feel.Love the launch and the rear spike/station shape on the shuttle. Actually, the whole shuttle's pretty good. Shame about the DQ.
    RCW Crusader Recoil Success Clear Shuttle control of banking was better than most, but could have used a boost up that last spike to have the speed to make the whole return trip fun.Woodie was pretty fun. Kinda intamin-ish and very intense, but not out of control. Minus points for it only being able to complete 2 laps though - when the first train completes the circuit, it stops in a place that means it can't advance into the station (slope of last brake run isn't steep enough). Woops.
    Rick Timber Rush Reloop Success Clear Pretty solid woodie. Fast and smooth, but suffers quite a bit from a case of the s-bends. Gs and shaping are pretty good. Bit of a slow spot right before the end.Shuttle is kind of a modern take on a Schwarzkopf that still has some fairly well executed Schwarzy bits - the kicker wheels on the far spike were a very believable and otherwise appropriate touch. Short list?
    RK Rides GCI Airtime Machine (Not) No supports on shuttle, no wide supports on woodie Clear Woodie layout is quite lengthy, which is cool. Shuttle coaster is completely unremarkable and basically features a hill or two.
    Smoked_Pancakes WickerDood Rush B Disqualified Blank template :(
    Stefan Krikke Woodpecker Sparrow Success Clear Both rides are fairly well done for being completed in 2 hours. The corkscrew shuttle is an odd choice that meanders a bit but does the job. The woodie is decently executed but unremarkable.
    tge98 The Comet Total Mayem Disqualified Woodie: block intrusion and supports on path Probably wouldn't have stood a chance even if it qualified to be honest
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017 edited
    Screen Name Wooden Coaster Shuttle Coaster Summary DQ Reason Comments
    ThatCoasterGuy Horus Icarus Disqualified Shuttle fails to return to station Also not that great of an entry. Shuttle has good concepts. Woodie needs way more polish.
    TheCodeMaster Wicked Twister Finalist Clear Woodie has actual hints of GCI shaping minus the polish. Supports show some extra care. Shuttle has an interesting roll at the beginning that is actually quite safe. Vertical spike at the end has a heavy G-force pump leading in, which is a bit dangerous.
    TheGhettoCheeze The Green Machine Enforcer Disqualified Did not provide link to download
    Timo Kho Nefarious Azron Disqualified Wooden supports over the red border. G-forces are a bit excessive on both rides. Shuttle is creative with the reverse continuation through the station. Woodie makes great use of the terrain. Impressive for 2 hours.
    Tobi Eagle Buzzard Disqualified Clearance fails between the two coasters and their supports Woodie has a lot to offer. Shuttle comes scary close to derailing on the spike.
    UKoasters Warrior Chaos Disqualified Did not provide link to download, shuttle support in water, transports in station of wooden coaster. Launched floorless coaster has multiple support hits, barely makes the outbound trip. Some shaping issues, big inversions. Shuttle does not return to the station. Wooden coaster has very sharp/rapid banking, often over banked, also has support hits, transports in station.
    Ultrake Gorge Runner Valley Flame No wide supports woodie Clear Shuttle and woodie are timed to exit the yellow section together on initial run, so that's cool. Both coasters meander near the end of their layouts. Looks like neither ride has ever seen a depumper.
    vinyworld283 Timber Dash Psyké terror Success Clear Basically no interaction between the shuttle loop and woodie - they just run parallel outside the border to do their full layouts. Woodie has a nice looking layout but average execution.
    Woerni Fichtenmoped Speeed Disqualified Transports on woodie, clearance issues with its own catwalks and supports Wonderful maximalist entry. The idea to span the gauntlet is very cool and well done. Shuttle is pretty spot on, but the woodie is too intense and unpolished in some areas.
    XscreamThrills Wicked Timbers Screaming Phantom Success Clear Good interaction with lift/inversion. Woodie has The Rattler Syndrome where the first drop ends extremely high in the air. Average execution compared to the shuttle.
    XYZcoaster Great Wheezer Demonator Disqualified Doesn't pass through all of the yellow beams, only a select few(albeit very well). Crosses red boundary before passing under the yellow beams A ride themed around wordplay of the rules and how to break them cleverly. A very well-rewarded disqualification. Shuttle coaster is also one of the most unremarkable attractions on earth.
    Zergei Wicker Timbers Timbs Disqualified Missing supports on woodie. Shuttle crashes. Woodie attempts GCI style, which is cool. Shuttle spike is nowhere near tall enough. Woodie has curved brakes going into the station.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017
    Even though I went a bit crazy with the tables above, you can view our (cleaned up) judging form here: Five Hours of Power Judging Form

    And you can download all of the entries in one convenient (if large) zip file here: All the 5HOP3 Entries

    Thank you again to everyone who participated! We'll see you next year with another fiendish challenge!