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    POLL: How many out there would be interested in buying a book on the roller coasters of Saltair? I have been writing a complete history about the Saltair Roller Coasters and it has gotten so massive in size that I am considering publishing it. It will be an accompaniment to the video documentary. I just want to get a general feel of how much demand for a published book there would be to see if its worth getting it published. Thanks for your help.

    I started a new topic as my old one all the pictures stopped working because of the hosting site I was using disabled all of them.

    It was a warm August day at Saltair. The day was August 29, 1957 and the season was about to end for the year. Little did Saltair know that their largest attraction would come crashing down. 60 years ago today at 5 PM the Giant Racer at Saltair was hit by a 75 mph gust of wind and was blown over. Being the last coaster at Saltair to ever be built.
    Trailer 3 for The Lost Coasters of Saltair is now live. The documentary is in the works and will be released in hopefully the next few months.

    LCOS Trailer 3
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2017

    Trailer looks great. Are those present-footers in the ground from the pier? The train? The coasters? They're cool as heck.

    ^ Simple answer is all of the above. I have shots in the trailer of the last coaster footings and it is one of the pictures out on the Salt flats as it was built over the water. The posts close together in the sagebrush is the train path out on the pier. The other posts are from a pier extending out from the bathing houses making it possible to swim far from the resort without having to swim all the way there. I have images never before seen before that shore all of this in better detail and they will be included to the final product.
    I got selected to be a podcast about Saltair. I'll post a link when its posted.
    Help me preserve and to share history!

    The Lost Coasters of Saltair have mostly been forgotten which is very unfortunate. The Utah Division of State History only has this to say about them:

    "Saltair’s giant racer, and engineering triumph for the 1920s, thrilled riders as they zoomed precariously over the Great Salt Lake. Even though the Hippodrome burned down in 1925, the giant racer remained unharmed. This $100,00 structure met its demise when 75 mph winds blew it down in a mere three minutes on August 30, 1957.

    As one workman put it in McCormick’s Saltair, “it was like giant matchsticks crumbling.”"

    This is a disgrace to only have this little written about these roller coasters and it even skips their first roller coaster which was the first roller coaster in Utah. I have written a 37 page paper about the coasters of Saltair and would love to have it published to help preserve this history in an easy to read and engaging format.

    A little about Saltair. It was a bathing resort on the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It was a joint venture between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS Church) and the Salt Lake & Los Angeles Railway. The resort opened on May 30, 1893 and closed in 1959. Over its lifetime it had 3 different roller coasters. My book and documentary will cover in detail everything that has been forgotten about these historic coasters.

    I would like to publish it but as I have discovered getting a history book published is expensive. I need your help to help fund its publishing. I feel there needs to be more history books to help educate the upcoming generations of about American History. Any donation will be very much appreciated.

    Preserving and Sharing Saltair Coaster History
    The first 20 donors donating $25 dollars or more will receive a copy of the book once it is published. This book will include never before seen images of the Giant Racer II and include the blueprints of the coasters. Any help is appreciated!
    Update: October 17, 2017

    The fundraiser to publish the book has almost reached its goal! Thanks to all who have donated. If you have donated $25 or more you are a super donor. Each super donor will receive a copy of the book when it is finished as well as have their name put int a special thank you section in the front of the book. The book will feature images of the resort some that not even historical collections have. As a teaser one of the images is of the inside of the Giant Racer II's station.

    The project as a whole has been expanded. The book and documentary will be receiving a new name but it can't be released at this time. The change comes from the documentary being focused on the roller coasters to more about the whole resort including what changed from year to year and what attractions were added each year.

    The editing process has already begun. Stay tuned!
    The Lost Coasters of Saltair is in need of help. I am in need of a few more donations in order to secure a very rare image of the Giant Racer 2  to be in the book and the documentary. It is one that has been locked up in a archive for 60 years and hasn't been seen since and has a very high licensing fee associated with it. My fundraiser reached its goal of 500 but I am in need of 100 dollars more to secure this image. Because of some large donations I still have 4 super donor positions available which would make it possible to hit my goal. A super donor is one who donates 25 or more. All super donors will receive a copy of the book when it is published and have their name in a special thanks section in the beginning of the book.  Any help is very much appreciated.

    Use this link to donate.