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    Hello everyone! Today I am showcasing a new project I’ve been working on, an RMC (Topper track) roller coaster named Psychopomp! I’m still currently in the works of the ride, so I am only going to give off just a few stats about the ride before I give away all the details!

    Just to keep you guys in the loop, any information with a * on it is subject to change due to editing of the ride.

    The ride has 3 trains that are 10 cars long (30 people per train.)
    The max height is 128ft, with a 112ft drop* at 59mph*
    It features 3 inversions * Zero-G, Barrel Roll Drop* 180 degree stall
    The ride will also feature a station flyby, which is where the 180 degree stall is going to be.

    That is enough of me talking, lets show off Psychopomp!

    The rides first drop will be featuring a curved drop over a query wall. next to a small pond. From there you will go into your first major airtime hill.

    After your journey over the airtime hill, you will dip below a bit of track and hit your first inversion, the Zero-G roll!

    Finishing the G roll by doing a right handed turn, you will once again dip below track, an airtime hill you hit later in the ride, and a section of the brake run. After that you will hit another major airtime hill.

    After your second airtime hill, you will go into an overbanked turn connected to a Barrel Roll Drop, the second inversion on the ride!

    Following that you will take a banked right turn, and suddenly switching left and making a full turn around (Trick track)

    After the turn around, you will take one more little airtime hill, cross under the end of the brake run, and go into one more large airtime hill.

    Here comes the best part! Ladies and gentlemen of ShyGuy's World! I present to you a 180 degree stall....

    ... Above the station! as a Station Flyby! After that you will continue a right handed bank into two more airtime hills, a hill and then another right handed turn into the brake run! Completing your journey around this twisted wood and steel track!

    Here is a full layout of the ride! (Some terrain work was done in advance of the thread being created for the astetics of the ride, and for better photos opportunities later down the road.

    I plan on adding a plaza area once I design the station, the current building is a temporary building to get ideas down of what I want to do. After one suggestion by Captain_Rageman to have a church type of deal with a spire, I am going to end up using that, which is where the name Psychopomp came into play!

    Please give me out more suggestions for the ride, possible improvements, I might try to upload a Early POV of the ride to get ideas, I want this ride to be one of the best coasters around Planet Coaster, and I will need help and support along the way!

    Thank you guys for reading, and as said, give me comments and suggestions with the ride! I can show off the Excitement map and other maps if requested!

    Looks like a pretty good ride! Interested to see it develop. When I saw the name this is all I could think about.
    ^ Exactly the song that the name came from.

    I've been trying to do some track work to fix up some of the bad spots of the ride, After numerous tries to repair the barrel roll drop, I simply had to completely remove it. But don't be alarmed, in it's place is a massive double down!

    It's time to reveal the station! After many hours of work over the last day or so, I can happily show off my first station that I've ever detailed this well! Also it's the best station I've ever designed!

    It's been fun designing the station, it's based off of a cathedral, but it's more like a lone mansion on a hill due to it's smaller size. The theme is meant to be more haunted like theme. Which is really fun, and also accurate for the current haunted season coming up!

    As you can see from this photo, I have done a few custom supports, they are not wooden custom supports, since the way the track is going over, it would be better to have fewer supports as possible, so I went with steel supports. (It's also supported inside the station too.)

    Here is a full view of the station from outside, and in the air.

    Here is what the back of the station looks like, with the custom supports as well.

    A little bit of some inside flyby action for y'all.

    Here is the station at night, in it's natural habitat.

    The flyby at night.

    And this is what the loading and unloading profile looks like at night!

    I still have some work to do obvious, but I wanted to show off what I have now, especially since this is 400 times better than the station I was originally starting to do for the ride!

    Comments and suggestions are welcomed!
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2017
    Holy crap that is cool, really good work here.
    The station theme combined with the stall really is badass. I wasn't sure what to think of it before all the scenery and the station itself was built, but I love it now. The way you supported the stall using the station roof sold it for me!