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    • CommentAuthorTimPerdue
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2017 edited

    The Screech made famous at the top of Banshee's lift is is from creature in Mass Effect 3 called a Banshee. This is an Asari that has been "re-purposed" by the reapers.

    Meaning that the Banshee or Avatar of the Famous B&M is an Asari and not just some folklore tell. The idea is directly inspired from Mass Effect 3. Check each link I've provided.

    Context: I am a massive fan of EA's Mass Effect series. I just love having my heart ripped to shreds in M.E.3 but, while not being so dramatic I also love coasters, severely. @_@' So while I was playing Mass Effect 3 there comes a point in the game where you the protagonist (Shepard, commander. RIP) travels to the planet called Thessia. For those that do not know Mass Effect is a Sci-Fi series that takes you all over the Milky Way and in contact with many different species. You are traveling to Thessia to find a component for a Super Weapon.

    Well, while casually making the run through the level I wasn't expecting to hear Banshee fire up in the background! I recognized it instantly! XD and can pretty much confirm it. I've never played all the way through M.E.3 but I have played this part once before...and that was in 2014 and I hadn't noticed it then.

    Evidences: :3

    This is not me playing so I had to find in game footage (thank you youtube). Pretty sweet find but not worth starting the mission over to capture it (veteran difficulty x_x') The screech occurs at 14:00

    Mass Effect 3 Screech

    And then here is what Banshee's audio sounds like from the animated release video:

    Banshee Reveal Video

    And then here is what it sounds like in park:

    In Park Audio

    It is clearly the exact same clip. I hope (sincerely) when it comes time for Banshee's reprofile they will name it Reaper or something vaguely ME3 Related. XD

    Nonetheless, Shout-out to the brilliant designer(s) of Banshee who may I hope, be as big of a Mass Effect fan as I! :D It could be just a sound that's for sale royalty free. Like the trees in No Limits 2. You can find the pack online and buy it yourself. Though, the thought of there potentially being another M.E. fan is pretty fun though.

    Anywho, thought I would share this VERY SUBTLE...coaster-egg?

    Upadate: Holy Shit! The creature that actually makes this Screech IS from Mass Effect 3 and is indeed! Called a Banshee! XD Mass Effect 3 Banshee