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    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2009
    Okay, yeah, I know this has nothing to do with NL, but I figured that since there's probably more than a handful of you that have experience with video exporting, I thought I would post this here.

    My dilema is I just bought a JVC EVERIO HDD 60GB camera, this one, and am having a big problem exporting the video on it to my computer for use with school (I need this video for one of my classes).

    The included software is 100% useless to me, as all it can do is export to iTunes on my C drive, of which I do not have the space to (nor the money to upgrade to a larger drive- I have a D drive, but it won't export to it, no matter what I do), OR it will upload them directly to YouTube.

    The camera records in a .MOD video file, and I am looking for a program that can take that file off of the camera, and then put it wherever I chose, and possibly export in .wma files, of which I need for WMM.

    Anyone know of anything, or can anyone help me?
    • CommentAuthorPmLondon
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2009
    I have as well an Everio, this is the old 20GB.

    Because I'm using a MAC I am using the software Capty which comes with the machine only to export the shots as .DVI and then create my films with iMovie which can export in nearly all the existing formats.

    I am using as well an External Hard Drive as the files are really heavy.

    Final Cut can work directly with the .MOD I dont mind to waste the time to export the films as the software is quite pricey.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2009
    We tried to play the files in Final Cut PRO, and they wouldn't load at all for some reason.
    How do you use Video Export for No Limits 1 and No Limits 2?

    I am getting only audio in Windows Media Player for NL2 Video Exporting. I am not getting any video footage.

    In No Limits 1, I am not getting any video exporting when using Numpad 0. It says , but is not being saved in directory of screenshots.

    Please help.
    ^ Please don't bump like that!!
    I can’t find NUMPAD 0 for AVI Export directory. It should be in Screenshots under Program Files…..No Limits Folder. I can’t find it there. My computer is using up a log of Gigabytes with these videos. How can I find them?

    For NL2 the Video Export works audio and video with AVI Raw and only audio with MOV PNG.
    Please in future, ask in the ask thread. You don't need to be told twice.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2015
    ^tbh, the thread's topic is pretty generic, hardly bumping
    @Rtycoon: I made a little tutorial for you in the official ask thread, here.
    "The Architect"

    Thanks. But, please help for NL1.